Thesis Thesis Thesis… has been the reply to anyone who asks me what I have been up to for the past three to four months. Explains my absence and apart from that, my silence.

Since that is the  best excuse I could think of, I am happy to announce that mid-summer came and went (Still not yet done with Thesis). It is a special time in Finland where shops close, cities are deserted and  interesting traditions occur. For example: If you are a fair maiden who has been unsuccessful in find a worthy groom, go out pick some flowers, put them under your pillow and dream about that future life partner (Only works for ladies, sorry guys) and it will come true. For both ladies and gents, there is the staring into a well and the image of the betrothed will appear. I haven’t had luck that. Any other suggestions, put them in the comment section.

Normal things that happen during mid-summer or Juhannus are going to a cabin with friends and/or family, putting some sausages (makkara) on a hot fire and having a drink or two. Sauna and swimming in the nearby lake is of course part of the package. This is the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere and if you are as high up as Lapland, the sun does not go below the horizon. Birds go a bit crazy with no darkness, but that is another story.

To enjoy yourself, step 1. Put some sausages on the fire. If you are a vegetarian there are soya sausages. Plus grilling anything is fine.



Step 2… Have something warm as the evening draws near. Caffiene to keep you up the rest of the night.

Step 3: Kick back, relax, chat with friends or just dreamily look out over the water.

Step 4: There is a tradition of lighting a bonfire (Kokko) near a lake shore. Believe it or not, the fire in the picture is actually 4 metres high.  It also happens during the Easter period. This depends on which part of Finland you are in.

Step 5: Watch it burn. It was beautiful (Am not a pyromaniac).

Enjoy your summer holidays!!!