Night walk

First and Foremost I would like to thank Arto, Elina and the rest of the gang who co-ordinate Feel Finnish Habits for organizing the night walk around. Jyväskylä (the city of lights) comes alive in the silent dark cold autumn night. Starting from the highest point in the city, Harju then the church park (Kirkkupuisto), the harbour and finally back to the city centre… all the pictures were taken by yours truly.

BIG DISCLAIMER: I am not a professional but an amateur photographer.

Looking towards the East

Looking down from the tower.

Since Halloween is here… the lights and the unexplained images….

Another side of the city… why do these shadows keep hovering?

it’s like a fire in the forest that does not burn

Church. I was lucky with the clouds

The snow is with us. Summer is in 7 months (Power of optimism)

A random bike

blue stairway to somewhere or white.

Walking a long the harbour. Question; If there are no boats, is it still a harbour or just water with wood planks?

Last call…. The only boat left in the harbour

Kuokkala bridge. One of the landmarks of the city.

Above all the traffic below.

City centre walkway.

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